Dumpster Diving in Google Photos Android App: "local_trash.db"


This article will explore the Trash within the Google Photos Android App. If you delete any media file from Google Photos on your mobile device, the deleted media file would then be relocated to the Trash within Google Photos. All items inside Trash will be permanently deleted after 60 days in Trash.
In fact, the information of the Google Photos Trash items will be stored inside the "local_trash.db" under "/data/com.google.android.apps.photos/databases/":

The "local" table of "local_trash.db" contains most of the useful information, including "local_path" (the original path of the deleted media file), "trash_file_name" (a UUID value that becomes the new name of the deleted media file), "deleted_time" (a Unix timestamp in milliseconds that recorded the delete time), "is_video" (where "0" = "no", "1" = "yes"), etc.

As soon as a media file was deleted inside Google Photos, the media file itself will be relocated from its original directory to the "/data/data/com.google.android.apps.photos/databases/files/trash_files/" directory. 

In addition, the media file will be renamed as the "trash_file_name" value found from the "local" table inside the "local_trash.db". 

In the example below, it could be found that the "125a9db3-3d3c-49b7-8bde-5015d30bf229" file under the "trash_files" directory was originally stored under "/storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera/" as "IMG_20210111_212729.jpg", by referring to the entry that contained "125a9db3-3d3c-49b7-8bde-5015d30bf229" as the "trash_file_name" in the previous screenshot .
Also, there are some information stored inside "local_trash.db" that is related to the Android media-related "external.db", where "media_store_id" contains the media file's original "_id" value from the "files" table of "external.db" and the "media_store_values" contains the original entry of the media file inside the "files" table of "external.db". 

After the deletion of a media file inside the Google Photos app, the respective entry of that media file inside "external.db" would be removed as well. This was observed on both Android 9 and 10.

From the screenshots above, the media files with "_id" value "366", "367", "298", "297" and "370" were deleted. It was observed that their respective entries inside "external.db" were deleted too.


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